By Charles Robert Lindholm 

They say
I have a way
with words 

I am honored
by the thought
but sincerely
doubt it,
that I am 

I just like to play
with words
with their sounds
their rhythms
their syllables
and their rhymes 

But mainly
I love their magic
the way
they take me
to anywhere
they want 

It just depends
on how
they are written
who wrote them
and why 

what are they
trying to tell me
to show me 

(who are these They?)
also say
a picture
is worth
a thousand

Well, I say
“it’s a lie”
a silly lie
told by artists
who want
there works
to seem

You doubt me
Dear Friend?
well, I will defer
to Mr. Hemingway
who will prove it to you 

There is no painting
or painter
that can paint
all of the millions
of thoughts
and “Their”
mental pictures
and feelings
in the heart
and in the soul
like the six words
written by Hemingway
as the shortest novel, ever 

No brush
no color
no form
no masterful stroke
on canvass
can ever convey
what words,

what these words
will do to your heart
and to your soul 

“For sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn” 

No painting
can do in an instant
what the magic
of these six words
does to me
or to you
when you read them
and take them into
your soul 

I love to play
with words
and maybe,
one of my
made out of words
will do for you
what six words
from Mr. Hemingway
did for the world 

I can bring
some magic
and happiness
to you
with my words 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

With appreciation and inspirational thanks to PoetGirlEm of WordPress.com for showing me how powerful and wonderful six words can be in her memorable masterpiece “Star – 6 words“.  

Additional thanks for PoetGirlEm showing me Hemingway’s six word novel and how powerful six words can be and for disproving the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words.”