By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I cannot write in cursive
when I write poetry,
when I write about you
and the life we had 

I have to print slowly
and steadily
as the feelings
and emotions
roll over my soul again,
like a new tsunami
every time I write about us
in a new and different poem 

I have to hold my hand steady
through the wave of tears
and the aftershocks
of a life changing earthquake
in my heart
and life
that ended us 

my hand shakes
and wavers
when I try to write
about you
and us 

my words end up
looking like the scribbled lines
of a child
with no meaning
to anyone but me
if I attempt
to write in cursive
so I have to print
each letter
and each word
in order for a reader
to feel my feelings
and understand
what my heart
wants to say 

I cannot write
in cursive
when I write

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired by Vyen’s poem “She Is The Poem” on Poetsalbum on WordPress.com  Thank you for your little seed of inspiration to me.


  1. My Dear Lesley, I am oh, so sorry and ashamed to have missed replying to your stunningly awesome, kind and sweet comment! Please forgive me!! The first line of your comment is the highest reward a poet can receive from a reader!! I am so honored that any of my words touched your heart!! I loved the rest of your comment too! Wow! So cool to read your 360 perspective on this poem! You, My Dear, are quite astounding!!! My words and I are so thrilled from the bottom of my heart that someone with your skill, talent and experience enjoyed this! Your last lines will be a lifetime honor for me!

    I have been stockpiling my most current writing in hopes of putting a book together. I have a little over 60 unpublished works. Need some extra in reserve for those judged not so good by beta readers. Might I entice you to volunteer to be a beta reader? I could really use a trained eye and expert, if you are so inclined???

    Hope you have a great weekend, My Dear!
    Sunshine and Smiles,

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  2. This was so beautiful… I am wiping away tears as I respond. The heartfelt emotions literally fly off the page in this poem. I hurt, I feel, and I understand the depth of your words. It is so eloquently written!!! The teacher in me loves it because of the descriptive language and the expressive flow of the words. The widow that I am loved it because I understand such loss. The writer in me loved it because it evoked emotion in every line. The former actress in me loved it because it is alive and three dimensional. It is a piece that could easily be used as an exercise in subtext to evoke hurt, passion, love before doing a scene… example: read before Juliet hears that her beloved cousin Tybolt has died, or when Romeo was banished… and finally, the scene at the tomb…. and she goes into her “Oh happy dagger” soliloquy. It could also be read and danced to.. a dancer would make this into a lovely modern piece with movements evoking such loving, yet tender movements. It really touched me on all levels. I have only read a few of your poems, but this one I feel was truly a work of art!

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