Self-Respect Means Knowing What Love Is & What Love Is Not

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Please enjoy Sonyo Estavillo’s “Self-Respect Means Knowing What Love Is And What Love Is Not”

Writing With Hope

Self-Respect Means Knowing What Love Is & What Love Is Not5 years ago…

My face hit the floor, as I was literally brought to my knees, begging and pleading with snot and tears running down my face. I might as well have been kissing his feet, and all to make him reconsider ending our marriage.

The response I received started as an arrogant scoff that accumulated into explosive laughter. He rolled his eyes at me with not an ounce of sympathy or concern and mockingly spit out, “Get up off the floor and stop making a fool of yourself.”

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She is the poem

Come read “She Is The Poem” by Vyen on poetsalbum. A beautiful and inspirational love poem. This is a perfect example of how one little seed of inspiration – a word or phrase – from someone else can give you a new poem. It did for me in my poem “I Cannot Write In Cursive”. Maybe it will inspire you too??

poets album.

I am the poem,
The word,
The letters,
Of every sentences that he makes.

I am the reason
Of his smile,
His tears,
And his first heartbreak.

I am everything.
I am his love,
His forever,
And his never.

Now everything took turn.
He was now my poem,
My love,
And my heartbreak.

Here I am,
On my desk,
Dedicating every cursive letter
And pouring every tear for my love letter.

Trying hard to stop my tears,
Trying hard to stop the fear,
Of being alone
Now that you’re not here.

Before I end this letter
I just want to say sorry
For being your love
And being your everything.

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