By Charles Robert Lindholm

caused me to be there
a casual comment
from a friend made me
want to see
a photo of you

it was wonderful
your beautiful
smiling face
captured in time
for strangers
like me to see
and admire
and wonder

it was eerie
as if I could
hear the inner voice
of the real you
from your soul

wanting someone
to see
past your skin
beyond the pretty package
to know the lady
that lives inside your heart
to see
not the prospective girlfriend
but the one that sings
inside your soul
the friend
and soulmate
that you are

I heard the whisper
then turned away
but I couldn’t escape it
through my day

a photo of you
spoke to my heart
and I am forced
to answer
I’m seeking the one
beyond the skin
the soul that sings
from her heart
I’d love to speak
to the lady
and perchance
become a friend

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
My wife and I met on Match.com 19 years ago!

4 thoughts on “A PHOTO OF YOU

    1. Ohh, I’m so glad this hit the joy button!! I will have to move this up on the hit parade! High praise coming from you!! I told you we met on match.com didn’t I??? No?

      Hope you are having a great weekend!!

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    1. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!!! It took me 3 tries but I finally got my soulmate! She is an Angel! Glad you finally tied the knot! It was two years after meeting before we got married. So, was that like probation? Wanting to see you in every situation, “To Be Sure”?

      So, glad this touched you. Mission Accomplished! LOL! Thanks so much for commenting. It means a lot to me to hear great stories like yours! Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you will continue to find my words worthy of your time!!

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