Different Kinds of Love

Come read Vivian’s “Different Kinds Of Love”. And see which one you want!

Smell The Coffee

I previously published this on my FB page a few weeks ago and thought to share…..

There is a love that disappears

When you disagree

There is a love that vanishes

When the coffers are empty

There is a love that appears

With the promise of security

There is a love that blinks

On or off

Depending on whether you

Perform or not

Tearing  your soul up

Run away from these kinds of love

These kinds – clearly not from above

Rely only on a

Solitary love

A love unconditional

You’ll be loved

Whether a saint or a criminal

Copyright  © 2017 -Vivian Zems

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Come read a beautiful piece “Could’ve” by Jacob!!

Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘I won’t keep you. Take what you need.’ The taste

of implosion, a fluid symphony. Transference. Backs

to one another. Embrace ridden with escape. Beautiful

getaway. Peeking back years later, butterfly wing what

ifs. ‘What could’ve been. We could have, and didn’t.’

Photography by Lauren Grayson

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