Too Young: Too Old

Come read this wise and hopeful post + “Too Young – Too Old! We should not allow the limitations of others or those we put on ourselves to hold us back from being all we dream of being.

Piya Delineates


Too young to face problems,

Too young to drive alone,

Too young to shop alone,

Too young to talk to strangers,

Too young to make decisions.

youngPhase: 2,

Too old to exercise,

Too old to play games/pranks,

Too old to have fun,

Too old to make new friends,

Too old to Start a life.

The world of all, struck across, “Too Old or Too young”. It’s never the age to determine what to do.

The will and perseverance can make anything happen.

So, wear the crown of Tasks, with the Chin Up and conquer everything before Its Time Up.

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