The words i never got to say

Please come read Isha’s “The Words I Never Got To Say”!!! We all need reminding to tell our loved ones how we feel – Now!

Isha's discovery

There are so many words i wish i had told you and so many memories and words that i still want to share with you.

I still vividly remember how you looked the last day i saw you. You were sitting upright on the hospital bed, your legs crossed and your eyes looking so bright. I remember that i uttered a prayer to God after i had seen you, thanking him because it seemed like you were feeling better than you had in awhile. My family was so energetic that night because we all believed that maybe God had answered our prayers, that God had seen it fit for you to stay with us a little longer. I never expected that the following morning i would receive the dreadful news that you had passed, died, moved on and left us behind.

When granma passed in 2007, i told you that my…

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Falling in Love Versus Growing in Love

Come read Sonyo’s great post “Falling In Love vs. Growing In Love”! Learn about the pros and cons of each. How did you come to “Love the one you’re with?” Fun and informative read.

Writing With Hope

Loving couple holdind on the hands and sunset

Do you remember falling in love for the first time? Recall how quickly the feeling intoxicated you, basking in the sheer new glow that your new love showered over you. It’s as if the sky was suddenly bluer, the grass and the trees were greener, and flowers more lush. Everything around you seemed to come alive with more vibrance than ever before.

article-1340275709020-13b6ccfc000005dc-339201_466x310It’s like you took some sort of drug; you felt so high on life. As a matter of fact, according to Psychology Today, falling in love is a lot like smoking crack cocaine! Research conducted by anthropologist and relationship researcher, Dr. Helen Fisher found some outstanding results in her illuminating studies on how love affects our brain chemistry. According to her findings, feelings of love elicit exceptionally high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are the same chemical compounds activated during a cocaine-induced high. There…

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