“The End”

Come read Cara’s words in “The End”. Maybe you have felt this way too?

Cara Reeva

The End finalThey never told me how heart wrenching it would be

When the hot turned to cold

And everything seemed to thaw

When summer afternoons transformed to winter nights

And all the colors in the world seemed to hibernate

When the romance and love letters turned to chaos and unending fights

But I discovered it when you slammed the door in my face

Shattering my heart in the process

And sending the pieces flying to all corners of the empty space

I stood in the middle of the room

Staring into blank space

Hoping I’d hear your retracing footsteps

I waited for hours for you to come back

But the only thing that came for me

Was the darkness and the sadness

I curled up in fear as the depression clawed at every last piece of my sanity

Every moment of us being uprooted from the deep caves of my memory

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