Conversations with strangers: Adam

Come see how an open mind and heart can lead you to a wonderful new view of what you believe and how you see things. Come read Heather Anne’s – “Conversations with Strangers: Adam”

Some call it red

You know when you have an experience and it feels somehow like the universe conspired to put you in that specific place at that specific time? That’s happened to me often in life. Maybe it’s just because I like the idea that somehow and for some reason the universe is attempting to show me some sort of direction. Maybe it’s because there have been times where I’ve felt so lost that the second anything aligns in any sort of interesting way I’m ready to pounce like a starving cat about to sink its teeth into its prey. Or I’m just a bit of a hippy. Who knows.

I often find myself having some very interesting conversations with strangers. Sometimes inspiring, sometimes a little strange, sometimes funny. Last week I had one of the more impactful of these conversations.

I was out and about on my bike in the downtown core…

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I Dream In Circles

Please come and enjoy Maria’s post on dreaming – “I Dream In Circles”. See if you feel like this too!


beauty, dream, dream catcher, dreamcatcher, girl, photography, simple, sunsetI Dream In Circles

I dream in circles
Chasing the tail end
Of what once was
Of what will never be
Running after a shadow
Calling out a name
Only to wake from
The ghost of a dream
That fades like a mist
At the hint of daybreak

In response to dVerse’s Quadrille #38: Dream hosted by De. Image source: Favim

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