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  1. Ohh, I am so extremely pleased to hear this!!! I think you may find an abundance of comfort, solace, joy, satisfaction and accomplishment in giving your thoughts and words a life of their own on paper and on the internet! It has been that for me and I am hoping that it will be that for you too. Perhaps, it may be an opportunity to delve into your feelings about your friends passing – see my post “A Special Time With Him”.

    I do hope you will invest in “Poemcrazy” and restart your journey in poetry. It would mean the world to me to have you find a “different” voice for your thoughts and feelings!!! How does that go, oh yes – “Just Do it”!!!


  2. Some ten years ago I was fortunate enough to work as a sculptors laborer, who numbered amongst his studio several poets of long standing and favorable reputation. I performed weekly at open mic evenings regularly and frequently for several years with this group.
    I departed this community however, when a dear friend and pillar of that society died. The usual haunts were simply too bereft of his absence for me to feel at home anymore. I abandoned writing poetry and have never returned.
    Your entreaties however, I find most compelling. I will gratefully accept your advice and return to my poetry once again.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

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      1. Though I have no aptitude for it myself, I am very much enamored with poetry at the moment. And yours is a blog rich with manifold pleasures. Charmed to make you acquaintance Chuck.

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        1. So glad that you like poetry and find mine worthy of your time and visits! I have read your work and I know that you would be great at poetry. You should give it a try. A good way to break in might be with a Haiku: 5-7-5 syllables in three lines. Check mine out. You would do well at this, I know. Try one?? Please?

          Also, there is a really great book “Poemcrazy” that is a paperback that is really wonderful in actually getting you to the point where you can write poetry. Check it out on Amazon.com and read the reviews.
          So happy to meet you too!

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