By Charles Robert Lindholm 

time will heal
it’s hard to believe, I know
feeling forced to feel the pain
moving on and letting go 

life goes on
and soon you learn
some bonds are never broken
memories are just souvenirs
of time and life, a token
the choice to love
remains unchanged
but the words are never spoken 

out of sight and out of mind
locked inside their inner cell
deep within the heart
silent in the soul 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

7 thoughts on “SILENT IN THE SOUL

    1. Yes, JM! I remember that noise!! And sometimes rogue memories from the past break out of the hidden place in your heart where you have them stored!! Moving on takes time, to be sure. You may like my “Life Is A Journey”?? Also, my poem “A Sad Happiness” deals with that moving on, remembering. So honored to receive your view and comment!! So appreciated!

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  1. Also this one expresses your deep feelings – however, once there was life in interaction, now replaced by silence, a heart wounded with scars – still hearing the voice from far – a silent talk between hearts 🙂

    Thank you, dear friend 🙂

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