By Charles Robert Lindholm 

How bold was I
to ask a Lady
with a broken heart
to trust me 

How brave was she
to believe the promises
that my eyes
made to her 

I guess true love
needs to be
bold enough and brave enough
to try again, to believe again 

The sun shines after the rain
spring melts the snow
and time heals the pain
of a broken heart, although slowly 

when eyes meet
and melt
the frozen feelings
in your heart 

When fingers interlace
while holding hands
and faith begins to grow
and somehow you just know 

This is how
it was always meant to be
the seeds of love growing
from a broken heart 

Too bold, too brave
to be anything but crazy
but sometimes
crazy “in love”
is the best
in love
you’ll ever know 

She trusted me
and my eyes
never lied 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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