Beneath the Magnolia Tree

“Beneath The Magnolia Tree” is one of Alisa’s absolute classics! It is so elegant, graceful, simple and yet so emotionally powerful in presenting the woman under the Magnolia tree.

Alisa painted the most lovely and touching scene with such descriptive, creative and delicate words that flow so smoothly in a beautiful narrative of personal interaction that has the most wonderful ending – “She smiled, and I fell in Love Beneath the Magnolia tree”

And as usual Alisa came through with her signature flourish – a really great ending!

Please enjoy this exquisite and memorable poem. Check out Alisa’s site and share this with your friends.


2016-03-31 19.28.43.jpgBeneath the Magnolia tree

She would sit on her perfectly weathered bench

Her eyes deeply off in to the distance buried a maze of thoughts

A canopy of cascading white

Protecting her as if it was her own personal heaven

The sun dripping through the branches

The sweet fragrance filling the holes winter had left in her heart

I watched from afar

Wondering if she ever welcomed anyone in

Would I be invited

Her dark brown eyes pulled away from her gaze and rested on me for a brief moment

Almost as though she had heard my silent curiosity

She smiled

And I fell in love

Beneath the Magnolia tree

~Alisa Hutton

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