By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I lost the love I planned on
when I lost her
I found the love I wanted
when I found you 

funny how life
changes your plans 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “THE LOVE I PLANNED ON

  1. I guess that’s what makes us all human. Sadness can turn into happiness. It is all fleeting.
    It is a pleasure and a privilege to read your poems and your words. They are beautiful and thoughtful.

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    1. Thank You Fiona! You are always too kind to me! I’m just glad that you get some joy, a smile or a touch to the heart from time to time! My words really do love You and your visiting them. They say that they really look forward to your visits.

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    1. Yes, so true. But it is so hard to accept that isn’t it? The wisdom is there but the willingness to accept so often seems to be lacking. Seems like you have to sit with it awhile and let it age and sink in.
      Thank you, Dear Fiona for all Your support You make me “Swooney” when I think of how much You care about my words! I’m finding it’s not such a bad thing to be.

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