She Whispered

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No Talent For Certainty

She Whispered

She whispered to me, “Owen –
I would like to be your girl.
But you must take me everywhere.
I want to see the world.”

So mesmerized, I took her hand,
Across the world we went:
And all I was, and all I had
Most certainly was spent

To give her all of anything
I thought she might desire –
But still, she whispered to me,
“Let’s go higher, Owen. Higher.”

But higher I could never go
For I was just a guy
Without the soaring resources
It takes to reach the sky

One day, she whispered to me,
“You and I know this is done.
It’s time for me to go; this part
Of our race has been run.”

I thought it wrong and hated her
And hated richer men:
And it was years and years before
I saw her face again

By now, I was not poor; but…

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