By Charles Robert Lindholm

If we were younger

we would not be talking now

we would play a round

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm
“A round of golf”  I ran out of syllables! LOL!
I’m new to Haiku


5 thoughts on “HAIKU: IF WE WERE YOUNGER

  1. Be a devil Charles and throw an extra one in. Basho the Japanese Haiku Master, was chastised in his time because he broke the golden rule and dared to write some 18 syllable haiku. Although they are missed in translation, as the Japanese syllable is different to the Western version.

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    1. Oh no! Get thee behind me Satan! Ha! Tempting me? Davy, so unlike You? Or is it? You were dancing with the devil awhile back weren’t You? Ha! What would become of me, Davy? I might end up “In Haiku Hell” like my post for Thursday! LOL! I think I’m having too much fun with Haiku!!

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