—A Response poem to “GUILTY” by Myra on shadesofpoetry—

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I unlaced my fingers
from your hand
not the choice
that I had planned 

My head demanded
and I let go
My heart was
screaming, No, no, no 

My head thought you
should be free
My heart felt you
belonged to me 

Your vows exchanged
but with another
and I will never
be your lover 

My heart it loves you
it won’t let go
My soul it whispers
so your heart will know 

They love you still
and always will 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
A Response Poem to Myra’s “Guilty” on Shadesofpoetry


  1. Loved your response
    Talked to the gentleman by phone, unexpectedly, over the holiday
    He was happy to hear my voice, hollering my name loudly
    Prior to this we had not talked in five years. Everyday life moved on for us, but don’t know that our love lives have, I know mine hasn’t and never will without him.
    Offered up my email address and phone number, hoping we can catch up and would love to rekindle.
    I regret to say, I have always followed my head.
    Thank you for your concern and kindness in sharing my blog
    Very humbled

    Liked by 1 person

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