The National Department of Poetry

Here is some Poet humor from MG Well’s blog. Hope You get a smile out of this! Thanks MG!

Please check out MG’s site.


The National Department of Poetry by Grant Snider.


I discovered Grant’s Lovely book, The Shape of Ideas, which is available on Amazon:

Grant is also on Twitter:

Grant’s book is published by Abrams Books:

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12 thoughts on “The National Department of Poetry

    1. Ha! Maybe they are the “Secret Police” LOL!! I think You are right though we should contact the author and request a revision. I think You should send the author your comment and concern!

      Thanks for Your comments. I do love them!

      Here is the author’s twitter. I think he needs to hear from You!

      Grant is also on Twitter:

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    1. So glad You liked it! It cracked me up too and I had to share it. See DavyD’s comment above yours. He was a law enforcement Officer in London and he thinks the Poetry Police have been slighted so I left him the author’s twitter. Ha!
      Feel free to reblog to Your followers so they can have a laugh too.

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