I Dreamt About You Last Night

If you have ever had a dream about someone that used to be a lover and believed it to be real until you woke up, then please come and enjoy Alisa Hutton ‘s – I Dreamt About You Last Night


last night

I dreamt about you last night

We sat across from one another at a wooden picnic table,

romantically weathered with perfect patina

The spring sunshine warming our backs

Surrounded by gardens written in an old English countryside

My mind creating a space just for you

I watched as your eyes danced with excitement,

telling me about your books and writing

Your eyes reminded me of the first time we met.

Sitting across the table,

locked with interest I couldn’t look away

Absorbing with curiosity,

our story had never ended

A comfort waved over me as we were sitting in your perfect place

In a romantic ideal, magical

It wasn’t an ideal or magical for us though because we knew in our hearts it does exist

It was just us

No limit on time

No boundary of any sort

It felt so close, every sense absorbed each moment

Simplistic and beautiful

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By Charles Robert Lindholm 

it could have been . . .
someone else
but it wasn’t 

it should have been . . .
but it ended 

it might happen . . .
but I doubt it 

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