By Charles Robert Lindholm 

It’s the hardest thing to do
when you still love them
and you wish you could
recapture the magic
that used to be 

You long to return
You long to look back
and hope they are there
waiting for you
sorry for what they have done 

Cheaters cheat
leavers leave
Don’t turn
Don’t look back 

Nothing good
from watching
the flames
burn the life
that used to be 

when you
are the only one
that still cares 

Don’t Look Back 

Save the tears
for something
that’s worth
crying about 

Don’t Look Back 

Look to the future
where Your Soulmate
is waiting
and looking for You! 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “DON’T LOOK BACK

    1. Hi Fiona,
      So wise, My Dear! Yes, when you look at it in that way they helped bring us to our today, didn’t they?
      I always like to think of it the travelers that were with us on that part of our life’s journey or as stepping stones to now. Thank you as always! You are such a sweet supporter of my words and I am so grateful for You as a follower!

      Liked by 1 person

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