Rain on Me

Here is another stunning poem “Rain On Me” from Linda Luna of Darkside of the Moon. Enjoy this romantic and intimate poem.

Please visit Linda’s other great works on her blog – The Darkside Of The Moon.

Dark Side of the Moon

Rain on me
Let your drops fall on me softly
Caress my forehead
and lips
Linger there a while on my lips

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Turn the Night On- Christine Ray (Brave and Reckless) & S Francis (SailorPoet)

Come read “Turn On The Night” by Steve and Christine from the Go Dog Go Cafe and see their warm, fuzzy and romantic sides. Check out their blogs and the Go Dog Go Cafe!

Go Dog Go Café


“Looks like they are at it again,” Mouse.

“Did you have your coffee, yet,” Gecko?

“No, make you a cup while we watch them work?”

“Sounds excellent.”

Presenting another collaboration between S Francis and Christine

Won’t you stay,

My love?

Outside snow falls steady

Gusted by north wind

Tapping at our window

Inside these walls

A fire burns


So softly

Spread your

Raven hair

Upon my pillow


So gently

We will unfold

Our layers

Like origami flowers

Reveal the

Treasure at the core

Offer it like pearls

That dissolve

On our tongues

Won’t you stay my love?

turn the night on


Won’t you stay my love?

Turn the night on


Won’t you stay,

My love?

As bitter winds blow

and frost grows in ferns

Across the window

Inside these walls

A fire burns


So softly

Fall into my

Chocolate eyes

Across the pillow


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