I Will Look For You

Here is another elegant masterpiece from Maria on love and a longing and yearning heart – “I Will Look For You”. Come check out Maria’s other works and You will know why I follow her!!


I Will Look For You

I will look for you in beautiful lines of every page I read
In poignant lyrics of every song I listen to, I will look for you
In the tears and joys of an actor in a movie that we may have watched together
I will look for you in gentle melodies of a playing beautiful piece—taking away my fears, like rolling waves, from the shores of your love
Love, I will look for you

I will look for you in every shining star in the sky
In the darkness of a moonlit night
In the touch of the squalling winds
And if I ever fall asleep amidst the crickets’ hymn, I will still look for you
I will look for you in my dreams
I will gamble and play until you’re found
But if a brand new day starts and
As I wake, rise…

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Irresistible (etheree)

Another wonderful Love Poem from Linda! “Irresistible (etheree)” and what might have been missed “if you hadn’t kissed me”??? Please enjoy and visit Linda’s blog and her other great works!

Poet's Corner

Had you not kissed me, I would have left you
standing there with the memory of
my smile upon your mind and heart
had you not kissed me—but oh

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