By Charles Robert Lindholm

life before you
I was six when you were born
growing up in different parts of the country
tender shoots in springtime
no way of knowing we’d ever meet

becoming friends
looking forward to spending time together
talking, going places, learning to care

becoming lovers
sharing the intimacy of our bodies and souls
bonding together in the rush of oneness Continue reading


By Charles Robert Lindholm

she wants to keep the key
it seems rather strange
since she’s left
            the city
                        the state
                                    and me

she needed to distance me
            with time
                        with miles
                                    with an affair Continue reading

Leaving Wonderland

Please Welcome back Sweet Christine of braveandrecklessblog and her Super piece “Leaving Wonderland” Please Do Not Miss This Piece!!! Please take the time and listen to Christine reciting this Poem. A reckoning with the looking glass that You will not want to miss!

Brave & Reckless

I have been losing myself

in the busyness lately

Hiding behind noise

blurred movement

avoiding quiet


running like a frantic animal

trying to escape a predator

who might be me

Perhaps I am not Alice after all

I have become White Rabbit

pocket watch in hand



shouting that I am late

for a very important date

that I do not really want to attend

Reckoning with the looking glass

forced to take a good long look at myself

realize that I do not much like who I have become

too many compliments

little bit of power and influence

false mirrors I chose to look at myself in

making me believe I am more than I am

other than I am

I did not want to be this

but have lost perspective

on what is the middle ground between

perceiving myself as too much

and believing myself to…

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“Killing me softly”

Please enjoy another moving piece from John Coyote “Killing Me Softly”. Join John on another Sweet Journey to a beautiful place. Check out John’s other great works!


Killing me softly

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Killing me softly
You are my barefoot dream and wish. I have loved you more than anyone or anything
since you came to me in your  Summer dress and you whispered a sweet hello.

I watched you dance and sing. You bare feet moving soft and gentle. Your perfect body falling into the song and sweet words.  Your glances of love stole my will to escape. I yearned for lover kiss and the softness of your hands making my heart come alive with your touch.

You knew you capture my heart.  You interlaced my fingers with your fingers and you whispered to wanting ear. “Do you dream of me. Do you dream of me nude and wild my lover. Do you want to fall adrift in the canvas of my soft skin and swim in the ambrosia of the splendor…

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An angel

Please Welcome Jyotee of Isolated_Girl. Today we have her poem “An Angel”. A beautiful description and definition of an Angel. Please read this and enjoy and visit her blog.

Life is all about PAIN !!

Each night she sleeps
With a wish to wake up
As an angel

An angel who is kind
An angel who helps
An angel who smiles
An angel who heals

She wakes up in the morning
Not as an angel but only human
No, she wasnt an angel

She had no wings
She had no magic
She knew no chants
She had no divine powers

There she stood
Infront of the mirror
Her image smiled
Just with her one smile !

Oh wow!
She was an angel…

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