By Charles Robert Lindholm

The rich young ruler
had asked Jesus,
“What must I do to be saved?”
and after every thing
Jesus told him
he answered, “I have done that”

then the final question
that passed between them
was from the rich young ruler
to Jesus

“What more do I need to do?”
Jesus looked deeply
into his eyes
and said, “Sell all that you have
and give it to the poor
and come and follow me”
and the rich young ruler
turned away sorrowful
for he had great wealth!

Am I your rich young ruler?
am I unwilling to turn my back
on all the things that keep me
from being with you?

Do I value other things
other people
more than I
value a life with you?

The answer must be Yes
because I haven’t been
willing to surrender
anything to be with you

I am your rich young ruler
and I’m sorry!

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “AM I YOUR RICH YOUNG RULER?

    1. Lucky for me it was written about someone else, but yes, it is a lot of self reflection to weigh what they have against love. Glad You liked it. Not everyone gets those Biblical connections! Thanks for commenting!

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