By Charles Robert Lindholm

his life
was on the ocean
was on the land

he was
wandering on the wind
and she
would never understand

why did he have to travel
to exotic ports of call?
why couldn’t the farm be home to him
from winter to the fall?

why couldn’t he just be happy
to stay at home with her
instead of going ‘round the world
trading spices, rum and fur?

his life
was on the ocean
was on the shore

he needed things
she could not give
he has
an inner hunger
and a thirst for more 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “WANDERING ON THE WIND

    1. Girl, You crack me up!!! True! but then maybe they can’t stay away from each other either despite some major differences? I think of the sailors in Moby Dick gone for endless months?? What of them? Did their wives leave them? but were it me I would opt for Your solution – NOT meant to be!

      Thanks for commenting, I loved it!

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