By Charles Robert Lindholm

I have heard so much about You
that should make me stay away from You
but I just couldn’t help myself
I got to close and the mere scent of You enchanted me

I looked at You and I couldn’t look away
I could see all of You right before my eyes
Tempting me with all the things You are
You offered me a single kiss and I was addicted to You 

They say that You are a threat to the life I’m trying to live
but how can You be so wonderful and sweet to me
and be everything they say is hiding for me in the future
I have heard other things that tell me those things are lies

I have decided not to let others come between us
I want You so much and You have given me your heart of hearts
and I have decided to give mine to You, forever, no matter what!
Your kisses are sinfully delicious and the taste of You lingers on my tongue

I want You in my life every day, and every day I will choose You
others hold no interest to me, now and forevermore
I love how You are so playful with me
and offer yourself to me in so many different ways

I am hopelessly addicted to You
and will always love You
I cannot imagine my life without You in it!

Oh yes, thanks!  I’ll have 2 bags of Hershey’s chocolate covered caramel kisses!

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Written for and inspired by a request for something on Chocolate by My Dear Friend, Maria on Doodles and scribbles on

12 thoughts on “SINFULLY DELICIOUS

      1. As soon as my computer either recovers or retires after prolonged illness, I’ll have a chance to browse through people’s archives. Yours is one of those I intend to explore!


    1. Oh, that is so Great! I’m glad this really hit you!!! I think I’m going to have to ask you to grade my works so I will know the ones you think should be included in any book I try to get published. You can put this in the “Special” pile. Ha!

      Thanks for your comment.


  1. I am so glad that You liked it since I wrote this piece specifically for YOU after Your not so subtle prompting for More! I love it when someone wants More??? I couldn’t resist Your asking anymore than chocolate! Ha!

    Thanks again for the Lovely words You had for me on Writers Quote Wednesday! Still stunned!

    I’m thinking I would love to hear You singing with me again??? What is Your weakness so I can tempt You some More???


  2. Oh my goodness, Charlie!! This is a sinfully delicious piece. Thank youuuu for heeding my humble request. So much love in your words. Excellent piece of work, dear sir.

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    1. Thanks again for inspiring me to write this! You are a pretty good muse, yourself! So, what have you and your Muse been up to lately. Does your Muse have a name? Thanks so much for your consistent support of my works.


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