By Charles Robert Lindholm

have you ever been cherished?
I mean really cherished.
like you have cherished me
in your heart
and in your soul
with intense passion

and loyalty
over the years?

I want you to feel cherished too
because you have been
it’s just that I had to store it
and it was unavailable until now

you have experienced love
from your daughter
from your dogs
from your husbands
and others

but have you ever been really cherished?

I mean

have you ever felt cherished?

if so, not by me
because I had to hide it
from you and from myself
but not anymore
and there is a big difference
when you have been cherished by me

you will feel the thrill
and joy and appreciation
of the worshiper in the temple
as their heart sings praises to you

you are cherished
and you will feel it
and you will hunger for it
as I do

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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  1. You are too kind! I’m so glad you liked this and was worthy of your time! I’m really loving to see your icon in my email alerts, My Friend!!! Thanks for investing your time in my words!


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