By Charles Robert Lindholm

I have a hunger
I have needs
we are different
and it’s sad

I am happy if
what I am to you
is enough
to satisfy you

but sharing
time and space
and just caring for
each other
does not fill me up

I am not empty
but I am not full
I still have a hunger
in my soul and
in my heart

my skin
has a hunger
for more

I wish that it were different
that I could be happy
without needing more
but that is not the reality

must I hurt you
or lose you
because I need more

you do not have to be
everything to me
as I know I cannot
be everything to you

it’s not a perfect world
but hurting each other is wrong
I don’t want to hurt you
but I don’t want to keep hurting either

can I save “us”
after all these years?

can we continue
to share time
and space
and care for each other
without pain for you
and hunger for me?

there are no easy choices
there is pain and wishing
for us both

I can’t live
with the pain of hunger
I can’t watch
dreams whither and die

I can’t bear the thought
of losing you either.

is there an answer?
what shall we do?
how shall we choose?

pretending doesn’t work anymore!

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm


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