By Charles Robert Lindholm

life before you
I was six when you were born
growing up in different parts of the country
tender shoots in springtime
no way of knowing we’d ever meet

becoming friends
looking forward to spending time together
talking, going places, learning to care

becoming lovers
sharing the intimacy of our bodies and souls
bonding together in the rush of oneness

getting married
choosing each other above all others
making a commitment for a lifetime
the joy, contentment and security of a life together
looking forward to growing old as a couple

getting divorced
death would be easier
the loss of a love
the loss of a life together
mourning dreams and a future that will never be
moving on

seasons in life
seasons in love
seasons with you
seasons without you

changing seasons is hard

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

9 thoughts on “SEASONS

  1. Like the changing of seasons, we change. Not always for the better but I believe because it was our fate to do so. Pain is a part of life, too. Not a pretty one but one that tests our strength… and our faith.

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