Leaving Wonderland

Please Welcome back Sweet Christine of braveandrecklessblog and her Super piece “Leaving Wonderland” Please Do Not Miss This Piece!!! Please take the time and listen to Christine reciting this Poem. A reckoning with the looking glass that You will not want to miss!

Brave & Reckless

I have been losing myself

in the busyness lately

Hiding behind noise

blurred movement

avoiding quiet


running like a frantic animal

trying to escape a predator

who might be me

Perhaps I am not Alice after all

I have become White Rabbit

pocket watch in hand



shouting that I am late

for a very important date

that I do not really want to attend

Reckoning with the looking glass

forced to take a good long look at myself

realize that I do not much like who I have become

too many compliments

little bit of power and influence

false mirrors I chose to look at myself in

making me believe I am more than I am

other than I am

I did not want to be this

but have lost perspective

on what is the middle ground between

perceiving myself as too much

and believing myself to…

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