By Charles Robert Lindholm

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twenty six letters
funny shapes and angles
made into words
telling me things
I don’t want to know 

“it’s over”
“we’re finished”
“there’s someone else”
“I’m leaving” 

cutting my heart
with the curves
and the edges 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

18 thoughts on “WEAPONS

    1. Thanks so much! Hey, do me a favor! Go check out “Instruments” on Poet’s Corner and compare that to mine! I’m starting to like the response poem better than mine. Am I not being a good parent to my words? Ha!

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      1. Haha! I did read the instruments poem. I would say it’s more hopeful and cheery, so it has this “good” feeling attached to it. Maybe you felt that way because of that. Otherwise I would say, both poem are on par with each other! Thanks for asking the opinion!

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    1. Thanks! I really have liked this so much over the Years but now there is a response poem “Instruments” that I’m liking better than mine!!! Is that poem abandonment? The poetry Police won’t come get me will they?

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