By Charles Robert Lindholm

Your leaving me is like a monsoon season
Constant thoughts of you
on the tin roof of my mind
day and night
                    like water torture
soaking into my soul 

flooding me with memories
                                        filling me with fear

Monsoons end
            they pass
we survive
            the soul dries out
the flood subsides 

new growth
new people

new life

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

18 thoughts on “MONSOON SEASON

      1. I love the beautiful community of writers here on WordPress. It is especially wonderful to find people of all walks of life who have been there before. It’s great to connect with you Chuck 🙂

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  1. Oh, Chuck… this poem is full of despair, yet that glimmer of hope at the end brings it all together. The pain from the memories of a past love rushing in, flooding our hearts and minds with images we wish to let go of, yet as with all floods, the water must go somewhere and the ground must eventually dry up. How brilliantly you convey this as you compare it to a flood. Really heartfelt and emotional piece, my friend! Loved it!

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    1. Ohh, Brandi, you bring such joy to my heart in knowing that this poem reached out and touched you!! You make my week, My Dear! You so perfectly captured the feelings and meanings! Caught in the current pain and heartache but knowing that in the future, hopefully coming soon healing will come and “this too shall pass”! Very insightful!!!

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      1. “This too shall pass” … one of my favorite reminders about the obstacles of life. Storms don’t last forever. One day, they move on.

        Love this poem and the message you put in it, my friend. That’s what I adore about your words. They speak to the heart of the reader and it’s about life, real life. It’s not sugarcoated to be too beautiful and it’s not made to appear too gloomy. You always have a message of hope and there’s something relatable in every poem. So, it’s always my pleasure to read work that speaks to me as a human being going through life. Lets me know I am not alone in this world.

        Glad that I could make your week, my dear Chuck!! You always make my days brighter! Hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday!!!


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