By Charles Robert Lindholm

I never notice the cobwebs
in my mind
until my eyes are closed
and my soul is silent

being busy keeps me
from noticing the tiny things
the things forgotten
the things left undone

the memories
I’ve forgotten to forget
hidden in the background
still clinging to my soul

I should wipe them away
but I don’t
I ‘m not sure why?
I don’t know

so I guess
I ‘m waiting for the reason
perhaps they are reminders
of when

another time
in the distant past
reminders of another me

tangled and attached

to who I was
and who I am

reminders of yesterday
outlines of dreams
that hide in the shadows

that I can’t wipe away

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


5 thoughts on “COBWEBS

  1. “the memories / I’ve forgotten to forget” — this speaks volume indeed. I also like how the latter stanzas are condensed into a ritardando, slowing us down to draw us into your epiphany. Brilliant.

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  2. A very nice piece. Similar in nature to my own for sure. I imagine that, in the minds of many, cobwebs do conjure such images. Remnants of the past, a desire to forget, a need to remember, longing to move on while always haunted by what we can’t let go of…

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