By Charles Robert Lindholm 

We watched the glowing flares
along the horizon of the Cortez Sea
shot by dawn into the sky
formal notice of the coming of the day

Perched upon a rooftop patio
soaking in the silence
as Jack the Rabbit went slowly
hopping down the dusty road

Was Jack heading out or heading home
hippity hopping then stopping,
then hopping again
no way to tell as he hopped away

intrigued by our Lone Intruder
we turned back toward the light
only to see the Stalker
coming in the distance

Old Wiley Coyote
looking for Jack
trotting along
at a casual pace

The Circle of Life
playing out in 3D
on a dusty Baja road
from a front row
patio seat

The First Performance of the day

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved