Feeling Stuck? So Dream ~ Then Do

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Throw The Book At Me

LiveYourDream“Don’t dream your life. Live your dreams.” – Author unknown

I love this quote and carry it close, referring to it often, especially when I feel myself slipping into old, destructive, or counterproductive habits. It inspires me to keep looking ahead instead of over my shoulder to where dreams get consigned to oblivion.

We all need dreams, don’t we?

They call to us, filling us with hope and a glimpse of all we are destined to be.

The problem with dreams is that for many of us, they become rooted in our minds without branching out into something tangible. While our heads may go deep in pursuit, their yen for overthinking serves as the anchor that prevents us from taking any real action.

I’m speaking metaphorically, of course.

We don’t literally dwell in stillness day after day. We’re in constant motion raising families or working, and in many cases, both.

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