By Charles Robert Lindholm

I don’t know
how You can see me
from half a world away
and yet I know, You know me

from the whispered words you say
And my heart it listens
to Your voice
in the messages
You send
Sweet Whispered
that I’ll always be Your Friend

And my Soul it rests
with the softest sound
of singing from Your heart
and though we know
we’re far away

we’ll never be apart

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – the Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – Please Come And View My 2017 Archives!!


  1. Well, Sweet Lady your kind and generous words are so appreciated! I owe Maria a sweet thank you for sending You to Me! My words love visitors, especially someone like You since You are so into words and stories!

    I am so honored to learn You have started to follow my blog! Now we can keep up with each others work. Always so great to meet a new friend! Please come again as there are lots of things in my archive???


  2. This is poignantly beautiful. A well penned piece that carries credence in every line. And these words,

    “and though we know
    we’re far away
    we’ll never be apart..”

    My muse and I are hooked to it, and are working on something. Can I link your post to this piece once done?

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    1. Oh, Maria! Your comment is so generous and lovely and so appreciated! Very thoughtful and elegantly stated. I shrink from such praise for me but appreciate it for my words! Thank You so much for relating Your favorite lines, a rare treat for me to see!

      I so love that You have a Muse! Tell me more, tell me more! Ha! He? She? Hooked to it? “Never be apart”? Please see my “In Love With A Muse”. I would love to hear what You are working on – offline – chucklindholm@hotmail.com It sounds exciting!

      I would be honored if You think this piece is something that You would like to link to with a Pingback in Your credits or even if You would like to reblog and put Your feelings in an introduction. Either way is more than fine with me.

      Thank You so much for the joy Your comment has brought me! I will look forward to Your piece with great anticipation!!
      The Reluctant Poet

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      1. You are very much welcome. It is a well deserved compliment.

        Ha! And my muse, she, is very happy with it. I’d like to think that muse is my alter ego. I will look into your “In Love With A Muse” the soonest.

        As for the piece we are working, I will be posting it within the day and will share your poem to everyone. Thanks again and I have sent you an email this morning as well.

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        1. Oh my, You have me excited on so many fronts. I will find Your email ASAP. Look forward to seeing Your new work and Blessed to think my words are worthy of a pingback from You. So excited! You Sweet Lady are so generous and a wonderful Soul! A Special thanks for trusting my words with Your followers. Just had a few visit! A special gift from You – Many, many Thanks!!

          And I want You to know that I was so pleased and excited to share two of Your works with my family of Followers in two reblogs. I gave them two servings of You, My Dear! Both works were stunning!


          1. Oh dear. I was having trouble at managing wordpress through my mobile phone. Sigh. The bane of being not techy. My apologies, sir. I have reposted it instead. I hope it working fine now…

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