Do I Love You Enough

All I can tell You today is that it pays to be curious and to meet new people. You never know who will cross your path today. Today, Please Welcome a new Friend Linda Lee Lyberg of I hope You fall in love with her “Did I Love You Enough” as easily as I did.

Please check out all the other wonderful works on Linda’s site – especially Her About Statement. Please enjoy!

Poet's Corner


Do I Love You Enough?

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Another year has gone by and I ask

Do I love you enough?

Spinning, rushing through this life

Trying to be tough

Never falter, never blunder

Yet now I begin to wonder-

Do I Love You Enough?

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7 thoughts on “Do I Love You Enough

    1. Ahh, You are so welcome and they are well deserved. Thank You for such a great piece! I agree that the greatest compliment is to know that your words have touched someone’s heart. It is the greatest joy for me too! Your Gold Stars and Hearts are on the way!

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