By  Charles Robert Lindholm

A simple question, Will you?
I heard you say, “I do”!
and I thought it was forever
I believed that it was true

And it was oh, so thrilling
to know that you were willing
to live your life
“In Love” with me

But slowly day by day
Time has washed away
the “In Love” feeling
you used to feel 

No longer stars exploding
as my life began imploding
when I heard the words
“I don’t love you anymore”

 The Circle of Life,
and face it we must
from lust to love
and then back to dust 

I am
just dust
dust in the wind

as I’m blown away

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

No worries!  I’m fine.  This is just Driftwood from a life lived long ago.


  1. How could i miss this one?

    How can one great love become just a part of drifted memories? How can forever ended; when you promised you’d make it last?

    Ahhh never mind..its just me..confused about yesterday and

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    1. Oh, My Friend! Even though I am extremely Happy now and have moved on those memories and questions do float back from the past. It is just one of those mysteries we are left to ponder on how can two people so “In Love” come to be longing to leave? I think it all stems from the content of my “Concurrent Choosing”.

      I knew a friend who knew two couples who had both lived together for 15 years and both couples got married. In under a year both couples were divorced!! How does that happen? Is there something about marriage we don’t know about??

      Thanks so much for visiting and especially Your comments!! Have a Happy Day!

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