By Charles Robert Lindholm

Vintage beauty,
elegance and grace
with classic lines
and a lovely face 

Time hasn’t taken
it’s toll on You
a Vintage Lover
better than new

With a sweet, sweet taste
on her lips that I savor
it’s her passionate tongue
that I’ve learned to favor

It roams and it wanders
wherever it will
and wherever it touches
it gives such a thrill 

A Vintage Lover
with gifts of ecstasy
and I’m always thankful
that they’re just for me

Copyright © Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “A VINTAGE LOVER

    1. Ohh really? ESP? Kindred Spirits? Great Minds? Dumb luck on my part? Ha! Well, I am honored in advance to think this might be remotely a response poem to something written by You! Thank You for sharing that comment!!

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