By  Charles Robert Lindholm

The sound of music
searching for the words
seeking out a soulmate
it wants to be a song 

Needing more than colors
that notes and sound defines
it dreams of shapes and edges
it’s longing for the lines

Two together
better than just one
bonded and blended
as soulmates in a song 

music as notes
and words with the lines
twisted together
and intertwined 

Their voices
sing together
better as one
in a song 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “SOULMATES IN A SONG

  1. Ahh Chuck, this is beautiful. “Soulmates in a song”…. because sometimes music gives us so much more than words or anything else can describe – like love between soul mates.

    “Needing more than colors
    that notes and sound defines
    it dreams of shapes and edges”

    Stunning. What piece of music would you choose to go with this piece?

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    1. Oh, Rachel, You are too sweet to me!! My words love you!!! Yes, I so agree with you on that!! The link I gave you for David Lanz’ – A Whiter Shade Of Pale – is that way for me, as well as some classical pieces to be sure. But then some songs are best with the words and music together – like you say – “Love Between Soul Mates” (Oh, I really like that!!! A great title – likening words and music to two real people? I think I will add this to my Word Bank)

      Oh, My, Aren’t You the Little Scamp, putting me on the spot like this – Hummm – let me think! You have really put me in a pickle. Well, I’m going to want to hear your answer to this too, you know! LOL!

      Ok, this is tough but, since the lines refer to “needing” and “wanting” and dreaming of the future and what can be I would say, maybe not a great match musically but music and words seeking each other, I would say, “Somewhere My Love” – Laura’s theme from the movie Dr. Zhivago. It refers to a reunion of two people dreaming of being together again and so it sort of matches the desire of music to have words to call it’s own in a song – something separate from each – you need music and lyrics for a song!! Now you are going to have me obsessed with trying to get the “Right” music for this!!

      Rachel, I’m so pleased you enjoyed Soulmates In A Song! You have made my day so many times lately I’m going to just tell you, You’ve made a month of days for me!! I’m so pleased and honored!! So appreciate it!! Thanks for this – it was Fun!!


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