By Charles Robert Lindholm

You left a beautiful scar
here on my heart
a lifetime reminder
why we’re apart 

We had beautiful memories
from a time when you cared
we had dreams of a life
that will never be shared 

The scar that I keep
was made by you
here on my heart
but hidden from view 

Sometimes I feel it
in the dead of the night
where the knife blade cut
setting you free in flight 

No longer bound
by vows or chains
you left a reminder
on my heart that remains 

A Beautiful Scar

a reminder of You 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

9 thoughts on “A BEAUTIFUL SCAR

  1. I love it Chuck! It is a beautiful picture of both the wound and the healing that has since taken place! it has a beautiful flow to it that enhances the meaning of this poem. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Happy you enjoyed it, Jason!! My archives for 2017 have others like this from that period. I do hope that you will be kind to yourself during this time of healing for you! I hope that you will keep writing/recording your words/poems!

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    1. My Dear KC! Your comment is so sweet! Happy your enjoyed it. Your works and words are wonderful and it’s not good to compare because everyone is different! I find your works very inspirational! Yeah, this was a stream of consciousness post. I kinda broke down writing the last two stanzas. I guess its good if you own works touch your heart.


    1. I liked how this turned out. One from my “Dark Days” series. This came from a comment by my Mom when she was talking about someone getting surgery saying – Oh, that’s going to leave a beautiful scar. And I thought back to the other scars I have from the “Dark Days”.

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    1. Oh, good! I guess I did a good job if I touched Your heart! Mission Accomplished! Thank You so much for the comment and coming to see me! Please come see me again!


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