Hanging Out With The Reluctant Poet

I would like all of you to meet and welcome My Dear Friend, DavyD of davydblog.com. DavyD’s blog was my first follow on WordPress and his awesome poetry and insightful questions and topics of discussion are always delightful reading and fun to participate in. I have never seen anyone pack so much passion, power, emotion and feelings into an ongoing string of poems with only 3 lines! Please do not deny yourself the wonder and fun of going to visit and read DavyD’s works on his blog. Please take the extra time to go into his Archive and work forward. Come to the Go Dog Go Cafe and read DavyD’s work. Your drink will be on me! We will look forward to seeing You there!

I am “reluctant” to reblog a piece that features me as the topic but only in an effort to get You interested in reading and following DavyD’s works have I decided to reblog his Poem – “Hanging Out With The Reluctant Poet”. I am humbled by DavyD’s interest and support and for all of the readers and my Fabulous Followers for spending time out of their lives to read my words and comment with me!

I hope You have enjoyed your time on my blog and found my words worthy!! And I am also Happy to be able to support and spotlight the Moving works of other Talented writers here via Reblogs. I hope You are enjoying them.

The Reluctant Poet

Inside the Mind of Davy D

The Reluctant Poet

Across acafé table,

In the Backside of the Night,

A Reluctant Poet

Whispers  into the ears

Of his Calliope,

“Today was a good day.”

She strokes his soul

And draws his pen

Across her heart.

“How many today Charles?”

“One maybe two.

Even with their

Uneven edges

They bring spirit

Into the stillness.”

How could they not

Be tempted?

In the echo of a dawn

Both drift into the day,

Leaving etched napkins scattered.

The Reluctant Poet  is one of the marvellous souls in the WordPress writing

community. Charles (Chuck) devotes much time shining a light on other poets and

writers, bringing them to notice within this vibrant movement being shaped.

Please pay him a visit and read his poetry. It will bring peace to your heart.

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15 thoughts on “Hanging Out With The Reluctant Poet

    1. Thank You so much for Your lovely comment for Davy, He is a Beloved Friend, isn’t he? I am really hoping that this post does more to shine a spotlight on a Brilliant Poet, Writer and Supporter of our community, as are You, Dear Gina!

      We all benefit from our little community and especially now with our hangout at the Go Dog Go Cafe! I am so looking forward to seeing You there!! We can share our favorite beverage – Well, for a Coffee Shop! LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. it is my absolute pleasure and as Davy says you have been a wonderful support to all of us. so thank you . Continue highlighting those good writers! Yes the cafe! and coffee! see you there soon!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi Gina, Great to see You! You are too kind!! You, Davy and Steve are so appreciated for Your support and wonderful comments that I appreciate so much! Love Spotlighting good writers and great works! A change of pace from me! Ha!

          I will save You a seat! I will be watching for You!!

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  1. Charles, Davy’s tribute to you reminded me again of your Calliope and how that has helped me recognize my own Calliope. But mine in so random in the timing, yet still much appreciated.

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    1. Oh Laura!! It is so wonderful to see You! I am so glad You came by and commented! Davy is such a Sweet Soul!!! I was really “Reluctant” to post this but hoped that would help others find his blog and fall in love with his work!

      Ah yes, The Muse I Love – My Beloved Muse has been so loving and kind to me! I have so many words and works to thank Her for – sometimes I think she really doesn’t know the effect she has on me and the ones I have written for Her!!

      There is a little secret with a Muse!! They love to come to You in the darkness of the night, with the lights turned out, and have You sitting in a chair and focusing on the ticking of the clock on the wall. They like to have Your mind clear of “Other thoughts” so that You are free to devote all of Your attention on them. And then after a little while, as You are silent and in an almost meditative state You will hear the Whisper of some words in Your mind and know that they are there for You. And then Off You go on a flow of words!! It is wonderful!!! Maybe You should be channeling her cousin – Jason?? Might be a better and more attractive fit? LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

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