By Charles Robert Lindholm

She was a comet
in my eyes
a blazing light
across my skies

Streaming stardust
over me
she touched
the deepest part of me
and every now and then
I feel stardust
once again
on my skin

and in my heart

© 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “STARDUST IN MY EYES

    1. Thank You My Dear! It is such an honor to see You here! I see You on DavyD’s blog so I know that I’m blessed! Thanks so much for visiting and for commenting! It was Celestial, wasn’t it! I’m so glad You liked it. I loved writing it too.

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    1. Thank You Dear Sir! So appreciative of Your support! I always love to see Your Photo Icon on my alerts! You are such a Great Friend to me and all the other writers in our community!!


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