D’Verse Form For All – Ottava Rima

Here is the Poem from My Friend, Gina – Singledust, “The Lighthouse On The Hill” to which I wrote the Response Poem – “The Lover Of The Light”!

As You will see in this Lovely and touching piece Gina’s words can move You! They moved me!

Please enjoy this and the other works on Gina’s blog!


lighthouse Image from Google

The Lighthouse on the Hill

I once saw a lighthouse upon a hill
She stood proud knowing she had a duty
She was the light that guided those until
The ships, they came home to their port safely
She sent out the light with the ocean breeze
But lived in darkness no one knew she cried
Sad, lonely lighthouse between the two seas
Could not shine light upon her own stone side

Frank Hubney is tending bar at D’Verse today. He encourages to take the challenge to write an ottava rima. He says: “Ottava rima is an old Italian form consisting of multiple stanzas each of eight lines using iambic meter and having the rhyme pattern abababcc. Two very famous poems, among many others, were written in ottava rima: Lord Byron’s Don Juan and William Butler Yeats’ Sailing to Byzantium.”

And he also links us to…

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