Memories are Necessary

Please welcome AvidObserver with a great post on a favorite topic of mine and hopefully, yours too – Memories!

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What Living Taught Me

I was once asked a question “What is the role of memories in our lives?”. I would like to share my answer to it; here as well…

Let’s start with this interesting fact:

When you die you have 7 minutes of brain activity left, which is your brain playing back memories in a Dream sequence.

If the creator of this “Human machine” gave memories such an importance; Than we are no one to question it. But, it’s a good habit to question and quench the thirst of our curious brains.

I believe, 

Memories Are Like Songs.The kind of songs: whose lyrics are impossible to forget, the ones that never fails to bring out a smile from within , gives you an adrenaline rush, make you feel like it is just yours  and you know that even if someone tries- he will not be able to steal it from…

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