By Charles Robert Lindholm

I need

longer days

to spend

with You


less time



I don’t need

to waste time


when I

have You

in My Life

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


10 thoughts on “I NEED LONGER DAYS

    1. Ha! You are so funny! Fighting with the night?? I’m thinking You are going to keep losing that battle?? Always love Your comments!!! Hey?? Have You thought about doing what my daughter Charmin does? She listens to lots of Audio Books? She really loves them? Commute time, chore time, WP commenting time? Ha!

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      1. I am clumsy Charles! Listening while doing chores is a big no no. I use that time to connect with my kids. We do chores and talk, that’s my special time with them. Plus I can’t sit still long enough to listen to anything! I lost the battle and the war totally this week, total of 10 hours sleep, I need to catch up on the weekend (I hope!)

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  1. Understand that family time is more important. Great that your kids talk and help with chores. Full attention to them. I like drive time to think and write, verbally writing out lines. Oh, a super-duper multitasker?

    Sorry to hear that you lost the battles and war this week. 10 hours? Really? Are You going to be trying out for “The walking dead?” Sounds like You need a serious date with the Sandman! Ha! Really get some ZZZZ. Thanks so much for Your comment!!!!!!


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