By Charles Robert Lindholm

Separated by time and space

denied the warmth of Her gentle embrace

Her words they kiss me, though I know

I will never touch Her face


She’s not from my time

she’s not in this place

but I love the photo

of Her smiling face


Trading messages

that fly at night

words with wings

at the speed of light


And sometimes they touch

each other in flight

the sweetest moment of all,

a moment sublime

an instant in time

it’s the thrill

of Real Time

with Her

 Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved 

4-11-2017  at 7:00 a.m.

 Inspired by Long Distance romances and internet messages passing at different times of the day and the thrill of being able to catch Real Time (online at the same time) once in awhile.  Having married after meeting on I know about Real Time


6 thoughts on “REAL TIME

    1. Holly, I am so grateful for You stopping by and commenting in light of the chaos You are having to deal with!!! I always Love to see You coming to see me!!!

      Hey, if You want You can just make a list of words and phrases You want to deposit into Your account at my Word Bank on a weekly basis. It would probably be easier!!! I so love that You make me laugh!! What a great comment – “the web is a vortex of virtual lovers”!!!! Are You saying it’s like Tinder? Ha, ha!!!! Of just the frustrated kind like in the old novels?

      I hope You have been able to put Your mind in a good place during part of the weekend. I thought about WP and they should be able to do something. They must back up the site for at least 4-7 days

      Prayers and Smiles for You,


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