Here is a really fun dare from our Friend Storyteller to Singledust and Me to collaborate on creating a poem that was born in the comments to the duet “Harmony In A Minor Key” between Storyteller and me.

This is our little trio “Thoughts” originally posted on Storyteller’s blog. We hope you will enjoy it. Please go visit the blogs of Storyteller and Singledust!!!


written in Collaboration with The Reluctant Poet and Singledust

The past was back to haunt her
with shadows that bent over
and whispered your name
Dreams were but nightmares
the sound it made no longer soothed the pain

her eyes betrayed her, telling the truth

—the truth about moments lost
familiar faces in the night
her sadness she could not hide
but time is a good healer and soon will be,  

washing away the pain and memories out to sea, like driftwood!

xo Storyteller

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