Love on Purpose: Words of Affirmation

The person I would like You to meet today is one of my most loved on the planet, from the day I first met her, on her 1st birthday (My #2 Daughter)!

I hope You will learn to love My Charmin and her words and wisdom on the Languages of Love. Here is her Post on the Language of Love that a large number of us who write fall into – Words Of Affirmation! I hope you will all enjoy this read and go and visit Charmin’s blog!


My Journey to a Fulfilled Life

whispering Whispering in My Ear: Tell Me All the Things That I Want to Hear

The Romantics have a song, “What I Like About You.” Love Language #4 is Words of Affirmation: Hearing someone say what they like about me is music to the ears. If your face lights up when someone gives you a compliment or your chest puffs out when you get acknowledged for something you did, your Love Language might be Words of Affirmation.

For people who are Words of Affirmation, their motto is:  “I need to HEAR it.”  The spectrum is wide for Words of Affirmation, from the insecure to overachiever to know-it-all types. I have seen women bait friends into a compliment by saying, “I’m so ugly.” The friend’s response is, “No you’re not. You’re pretty!” –“Really? You think so.”  I have seen classic over-achievers go for super-extra credit because they want to be THE BEST in the…

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12 thoughts on “Love on Purpose: Words of Affirmation

    1. Ohh, Thank You so much! I am. Yes, I really like her languages of love series. I’m trying to be multi-lingual? LOL! And like You she is the life of a party!!!! Any progress on Your choices? Ha? You could throw darts if You are really frustrated??

      So, very nice to see You!!!

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      1. I found some very interesting information at her blog. I hope she returns there. Kaleidoscopes of forests? I give up ! Have lovely day!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I am SO disappointed in You “giving up” like that. Doesn’t seem to fit You!! Well, the good news is that my original faith in You has been confirmed!! You got it!!! Kaleidoscopes!!! And You didn’t even need all of Your guesses! LOL! Bejeweled and Kaleidoscopes. Such great words! I already entered them in Your account at my Word Bank. They should show on Your next statement!

          Not curious about my other “Eyes” work?? Oh, and I am Soo, loving Real Time = RT
          You have a lovely day with much happiness and fun!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yay, for me, and it only took a week for me to hit on the words that stood out for you :). I am very curious about the upcoming addition to “Eyes”…I am looking forward to it…no pun intended.

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