By Charles Robert Lindholm

As I lie here in the darkness

and you utter not a word

so fluent in your silence

your message still is heard




Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm



15 thoughts on “FLUENT IN YOUR SILENCE

    1. That’s because you get hit with the same phrases I do! I loved it too! It says a lot about silence. Haven’t you had someone read your silence and say, “Ok, what’s wrong?” And then try and hide it but they know you well enough to see through your attempted block??

      So, great to see You!! Thanks for coming to see me!!

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  1. I also like that phrase, so fluent in your silence. It is in the silent moments that I discover the truths I have been looking for. Whether that silence is alone or together with another human.

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    1. So glad You liked that phrase. I really liked it too! You are wise in Your observations on silence too. Silence can be happy or sad, communicative or not. Silence has a wide spectrum. Thanks for commenting and visiting. It is great to see You.

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        1. Great! I loved it! Another piece were she is focus’d on eyes. I love that. See the comment I just posted on it. Here is the photo that set me up as a permanent fan of a woman’s eyes!

          I actually drew a copy of this photo it hit me so hard.

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